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The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale (2015)

Action / Adventure / History / Thriller • 139 minutes  7.3/10
Starring: Choi Min-sik Jeong Man-sik Kim Sang-ho Seong Yu-bin Jung Suk-won Ren Osugi Kim Hong-pa Ra Mi-ran and others.
Director: Park Hoon-jung Writer: Park Hoon-jung Director of Photography: Lee Mo-gae Producer: Park Min-jeong Music: Young-wuk Cho
Released • December 16, 2015

While the Kingdom of Korea is under occupation by the Japanese, an old and experienced hunter is challenged by the hunt of the last tiger.

A.K.A. DE: The Tiger - An Old Hunter's Tale  ES: The Tiger  FR: Le tigre: le conte d'un vieux chasseur  KR: Dae-ho  RU: Великий тигр  US: The Tiger