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Let's Go to Prison (2006)

Welcome to the slammer
Comedy / Crime • 84 minutes  6/10
Starring: Dax Shepard Will Arnett Chi McBride David Koechner Dylan Baker Michael Shannon Jay Whittaker Amy Hill and others.
Director: Bob Odenkirk Director of Photography: Ramsey Nickell Producer: Betsy Danbury Marc Abraham Matt Berenson Paul Young Scott Lew Editor: Dennis Thorlaksen Eric L. Beason Original Music Composer: Alan Elliott
Released • November 17, 2006

When a career criminal's plan for revenge is thwarted by unlikely circumstances, he puts his intended victim's son in his place by putting him in prison...and then joining him.

A.K.A. AU: Lets Go to Prison - UR  BR: Bem-Vindo à Prisão  DE: Ab in den Knast  ES: Un novato en prisión  FR: Bienvenue En Prison  PT: Bem-vindo à Prisão  RU: Пошли в тюрьму  UA: Гайда до в'язниці